The Looking Glass of Time

Band News
July 22, 2017

Season One

Updated September 9, 2017: If you’re here, that means you’re holding something that very few people have. You have a pre-release copy of the debut album before it’s available in…

June 13, 2017

Land Ho!

Our spies in the Atlantic sea lanes tell us that the first shipment of the THUNDERS OF WRATH debut album will make landfall on the eastern seaboard of the United…

Band News
May 8, 2017

Rock Out

Thank you Bremerton! Had a most groovy time with you. We’ll have to do it again soon!


The Debut Album Arrives

Recorded entirely to analog 2" tape in the world famous Robert Lang Studios, the self-titled debut album has landed and is on it's way to stores.


Rock Grooves.

Time travelers. Story tellers.
Rock visionairios. Or something like that.
Stick Around.

Thunders of Wrath Season One is Launching Now!!!.

Are you willing to find your way?


Lighting the Lantern

Our first indie music video shot on cell phones. If you like this, wait til you see what's next.
Follow the Thunders on a perilous adventure
through the looking glass of time.


It's a thing alright.

Thunders of Wrath Season One begins soon. Records are on their way to stores!


Holidank Winter Spectacular

Our Holiday special with a preview of Season One!


Thunders of Wrath Live

What we love the most, shows.